Hedge Fund Manager, Marin Katusa, Reveals...

The Exact Investing Strategy Used to Make 1,000%+ Gains in the Natural Resources Market...Again and Again.

  • Learn the #1 key to making huge returns in resource investments, like 1,450% in gold, 1,050% in copper, 2,440% in lithium, and many more…
  • The unconventional truth about the number of stocks you need to own (and why Warren Buffett agrees)
  • The politically incorrect secret about the world’s best investments (you probably won’t want to tell your friends about this)
  • Why you can make exponentially more money investing in the natural resource market than average investors will ever get from their portfolios

Resource Market Millionaire

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In the last 15 years, Marin Katusa has become the go-to resource for the world’s top natural resource entrepreneurs and investors.  

When you look at his track record, it’s easy to see why people like Robert Kiyosaki, Doug Casey, and Brent Johnson trust his advice. Savvy investors who follow Marin’s recommendations have scored 30+ triple and quadruple digit winners, including…

  • 2,440% from Lithium One
  • 1,450% from Royal Gold
  • 1,050% from Copper Mountain Mining
  • 1,200% from Ventana Gold
  • 1,852% from Uranium Energy Corp
  • 1,476% from Challenger Deep 
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The Opportunities in the Next 12 Months

Are Nothing Short of Amazing…

And You Can Take Advantage of Them

The secret to making millions in resources is understanding their extremely predictable “cycles.”

Everybody says, “markets are cyclical,” but resources take it to a whole different level.

As resource cycles repeat over and over, they could give you the chance to make 10… 30… or even 50x your money…

And they’re so predictable, you can see this opportunity coming from a mile away.

Take a look at this chart…

During these major crises, the resource sector predictably spiked in a way that would make your jaw drop.

What sort of asset regularly goes through such predictable and massive price swings like that?

Not your house…

And not government bonds.

More than any other asset I’ve seen, resources go through extraordinary price booms in predictable cycles.

In over 17 years of studying the natural resources markets…

I've never been more certain of anything.

Commodities vs. the S&P 500 have NEVER been cheaper.

The chart I created below is a ratio of the S&P Commodity index vs the S&P 500 over 47 years.

You can quickly assess that, relatively speaking, commodities are as cheap as they’ve ever been.

In fact, they are the cheapest they have ever been to the share prices that make up the S&P 500.

And as savvy investors know—you want to buy assets cheap when no one wants them… and sell when everyone is piling in.

I want to pass my millionaire-minting secrets to you right now, as soon as you claim your free copy of Resource Market Millionaire.

  • How to spot “riches in niches”:
    Discover the tiny, bloodhound companies that have “sniffed out” 1,000%... 5,000%... or even 10,000% returns! I’m sure you have never heard about ANY of these niche opportunities on mainstream financial media (See page 34)

  • Stake your claim FIRST… for the highest profits
    Early movers always get the lion’s share of profits... that’s especially true for lucrative mining operations. If you knew how to reach these opportunities first, you could get in BEFORE the profits dry up - and set yourself up for up to 1,000% gains again and again! (See page 35)

  • The “gold dividend” play that delivered 23x gains!
    Most folks don’t know this, but there’s a way to collect a healthy dividend as high as 10 - 15% on resources like gold and silver. One gold play has offered steady dividend income for over 10 years straight... AND even delivered 23x gains during the last financial crash! (This secret play revealed on page 33)

Who am I to tell YOU about the riches you could make in resource stocks?

Hi, my name is Marin Katusa.

I live over 2,400 miles from Wall Street…

And I don’t have an MBA…

But back in 2003, I discovered the incredible opportunity inside resource stocks.

I was a calculus teacher back then. I didn’t have much money to invest.

But the math made too much sense for me to let this opportunity pass me by…

I was so sure of resource stocks’ potential that I took out a $180,000 loan on my house… and invested it all.

I admit, this isn’t a move for everybody. But it paid off for me...

Big time.

Over the next two years, this little sector of the market skyrocketed over 500%. One of my positions climbed from 25 cents to over $6 per share—a 2,300% gain...

It was a big, real money play that made me my first million dollars.

I’ve done this over and over again in my life, for the last 15 years… on some of the best little-known resource stocks in North America.

I made my second million on another tiny group of stocks, after they soared between 600% and 1,000%...

I made a 1,400% gain—including a double in two months—on the same type of resource stocks just a few years later.

I love this kind of investing—and it’s definitely something I’m good at—buying small, little-known resource stocks BEFORE they get discovered… making early investors a small fortune.

Once you’ve got your copy, turn straight to straight to page 64 to see:

  • 6 keys to spot “money magnets” for gains like 2,508% (nobody thinks of key number 4). Some of these 6 keys could seem obvious... but almost nobody thinks of number 4 when investing. I did, and some of my readers made over 600% in Africa Oil. You could have also seen a 1,138% gain in Tenke Mining and a 2,508% gain in Denison Mines! (All 6 keys are listed on page 64).

  • How to get rich – even when you’re totally WRONG… Most people don’t know this, but resource stocks allow you to get rich even when you’re wrong over and over again. When you realize how much money it COSTS you to “be right,” you’ll change how you invest forever. (see page 56 for how to make a killing by being wrong.)

  • The sneaky way to use (OPM) “other people’s money” to get rich in resources. It might surprise you, but you can easily get rich with other people’s money if you invest in resource stocks. This isn’t like OPM in real estate... because you don’t take out loans, work out weird deals, or anything risky like that. It’s completely different… and way safer. The first step involves a crash like we just saw... But for steps 2 and 3 you need to turn to page 51 in my book. 

And much more.

I want to pass my millionaire-minting secrets to you right now, as soon as you claim your free copy of Resource Market Millionaire.