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“Marin Katusa is a genius… the best stock picker in the natural resource field, ever.” - Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research

Meet New York Times Bestselling Author and Multimillionaire Investor Marin Katusa

In the last 15 years, Marin Katusa has become the go-to resource for the world’s top natural resource entrepreneurs and investors.  

When you look at his track record, it’s easy to see why. Savvy investors who follow Marin’s recommendations have scored 30+ triple and quadruple digit winners, including…

  • 2,440% from Lithium One
  • 1,450% from Royal Gold
  • 1,050% from Copper Mountain Mining
  • 1,200% from Ventana Gold
  • 1,852% from Uranium Energy Corp
  • 1,476% from Challenger Deep 

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